meet miss ella scott...

meet miss ella scott... she came into our lives
with a full head of hair, chubby cheeks and the brightest most alert eyes.

as a family we have had a few adventures out to the store and the apple orchard...with lots of
snuggle time at home. 
i have also found time to get out on my own and meet a friend for coffee. i am trying to remember the importance of finding time for myself as well as taking care of  my new little love bug.

there have been many lessons that i have learn in the last month in this steep motherhood learning curve... but the one that has been the hardest is that i can not do it all. 
unfortunately i was unable to participate in the North Manchester art fair.  there is always next year though!
i am hoping in time i will be able to get back into my studio and start working on my art but right now i am loving just spending time with ella.