mocha art

here is what i have been creating in my studio....


 with a little time for knitting and a chai on the side...

                           Currently my artwork is on display at the KenapocoMocha, , in North Manchester                                                              Indiana.


a little about me....

love children’s books and illustrations.

adore anything that shimmers, sparkles or shines. 

the color pink.


old book pages.

    hot tea or chai.  

my unique vision of nature and animals.

i fill hours in my studio

I graduated from the University of Saint Francis with a Bachelor in Fine Art,
Painting and Drawing and a minor in Art History.
 Indianapolis is where I call home with my husband
and our two cats, Toulouse and Vincent and our dog, Claude. 
I continue to learn new and different techniques through art retreats 
and on-line art courses.