currently in the studio:
          i have not been in the studio much in the last month as i am getting ready for our little one who will be making her appearance into the world in a few weeks.  i did manage to get one piece, "indigo bunting", into the Honeywell Center's (in Wabash, IN) themed art competition: birds. YAY!  i also created a new tutu girl, "addison"

             "indigo bunting", 2014                          "addison", 2014
                mixed media                                    mixed media                           

in other life happenings:
       all the picture books have been bought and organized in preparation for our little girl who will be coming into our lives in the next few weeks. i must say that having a little one has been a great excuse to fuel my obsession for children's books.
our little one will be surrounded by art work, color, and love in her new room...


  1. well lookie. lookie, someone did it. and that makes me so happy. can't wait to meet this little urchin. i am going to kiss fluffy cheeks and rock her till you are sick of me

  2. Jaci's middle name is Addison. Just another sign that I need to make one of these beauties a home in her room! Someday, Britta, someday!